Getting to know each other

As part of IBM’s Corporate Service Corps we do three months of prep before we go on our assignment to Arica, Chile in March.

I have just started to meet my team #CSCChile8, and they are an amazing diverse group of people.  We are IBMers  from all over the planet (yes booking calls is a challenge), and have a wide variety of roles and work experiences.  There is also a very interesting collection of hobbies with many people having a strong interest in volunteer work and community.

This week’s prep we focused on cultural profiles: understanding our own cultural profile as well as a typical Canadian and Chilean profile.  The questionnaire covered topics such as Individual-first or group-first and how likely a meeting will start on time.  It turns out I am not like most Canadians, who knew :).  Some good news is that my profile was quite similar to the Chilean profile.  It is a useful tool to understand cultural differences, but as we are all individuals it will obvious change in each relationship.



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