Dreams to Reality

What started out as a dream a couple years ago is now becoming reality. I originally signed up for IBM’s Corporate Service Corps as it combined both travel and volunteering, two things I love. The first time I had heard about the program, I knew I wanted to participate. The opportunity to be able to give-back using my technical and consulting skills was just too good to pass up.

Now I am just a couple days away from getting on a flight and what was just a concept has now become all too real as I finish up my work tasks, pack for a 5 week trip and complete my TODO list (which seems to be getting longer, not shorter).

I have been getting to know my 11 peers on this adventure over the prep-work during the past three months and am looking forward to meeting everyone face to face for the first time.

Earlier this week my sub-team had a virtual meeting with our host client, JUNAEB, and it went well as we got to know each other a bit and better understand their goals. They are excited that we are coming and they said they are looking forward to working with us and showing us around beautiful Arica. I am very eager to start work with them.


One comment on “Dreams to Reality

  1. Shira Rocklin says:

    Good luck!


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