Santiago adventures

I am sitting in my beautiful hotel room in Santiago and wanted to share some of my adventures from yesterday.  I have a few days of travel planned before my exciting CSC Adventure starts and am exploring Santiaga, Cuchagua, and .

My hotel, Castillo Rojo, really is beautiful, it is a castle originally build in 1923 that has been converted into a hotel.  Excellent customer service when I arrived, helping me with my bags and providing great recommendations on nearby sites, banks, and restaurants.

After checking-in and relaxing for a bit, I headed out to explore.

I walked around the neighbourhood for a bit and then headed to the nearby Vehicular (trolley) that takes visitors up to San Cristóbal Hill.  Bella Vista is a very nice neighbourhood and I enjoyed just wandering for a bit.

Since it was closer to the end of the day I ended up deciding to first take the tourism bus around Santiago to get a better sense of the town.  It was a nice view of the city, but my tired brain was not processing the audio-tour, and rush-hour was not the best time to take this bus, so I ended up getting off and walking for a bit to get to another stop so I could take the bus back to the Vehicular stop.  I enjoy walking in new towns anyway, as it is a much better way to get a sense of a place. There were a lot of neat murals and graffiti on buildings which really make the city vibrant.

I then headed back to the vehicular for San Cristóbal Hill .  It was a lot of fun to take the vehicular and I think my kids would have enjoyed it.   The view was spectacular.  I had heard that sometimes the view is blocked by smog, but I got a fairly clear day.

I then headed back to my hotel and then attended the free wine-tasting at the hotel and met some interesting other travellers.  Many of who were just wrapping up their Chilean adventures.  The hotel recommended Galindo for dinner, the food was yummy and hit the spot.  I then went to the “Patio Bellavista” for some Gelato.  It is one of my traditions to eat Gelato in every country I visit.  I chose “Frambuesa” (raspberry) over the “Melon con Vino” option (although I think “melon with wine” might be an interesting flavour).


One comment on “Santiago adventures

  1. kennedydee says:

    Great to see you have arrived in Chile Jen and that you are already enjoying the country and the ice-cream!


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