The beauty of Cachagua

As a special treat, we are staying at a friend’s house in Cuchagua Chile.  This must be one of the most beautiful places on the planet.





Overall it was a great day, we climbed rocks and explored areas and found lots of the unexpected.

Wildlife: just offshore we saw the threatened Humboldt penguins  Pelicans and other birds on the Isla Los Pinguinos Cachagua.   Thankfully, the island is protected.  We got a fairly good view with binoculars from the shore.


We saw six-legged star fish, and a sun fish (like a star fish but with lots more legs).  There were crabs and lots of other small life in the tidal pools.  Also some weird striped pod-things.  Anyone know what they are?

After visiting the beach we went for a walk on La Rambla a path of stone steps and pathways that connects the beaches from Cachagua to Zapallar.


Tomorrow we plan to visit Playa de Zapallar and then continue on our journey via Valparaíso and Cascades de los animales

#ibmCSC Chile  #cscChile8


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