Flight is booked

My flight is now booked.  This makes the trip so much more real to have a specific departure date.

I am not looking forward to the 10+ hour overnight flight (I don’t sleep well on planes).  I am looking forward to exploring Santiago before the #IBMCSC Chile assignment starts, and then meeting my full team in person for the first time!

Getting to know each other

As part of IBM’s Corporate Service Corps we do three months of prep before we go on our assignment to Arica, Chile in March.

I have just started to meet my team #CSCChile8, and they are an amazing diverse group of people.  We are IBMers  from all over the planet (yes booking calls is a challenge), and have a wide variety of roles and work experiences.  There is also a very interesting collection of hobbies with many people having a strong interest in volunteer work and community.

This week’s prep we focused on cultural profiles: understanding our own cultural profile as well as a typical Canadian and Chilean profile.  The questionnaire covered topics such as Individual-first or group-first and how likely a meeting will start on time.  It turns out I am not like most Canadians, who knew :).  Some good news is that my profile was quite similar to the Chilean profile.  It is a useful tool to understand cultural differences, but as we are all individuals it will obvious change in each relationship.