About my #CSCChile8 adventure

I have always loved to travel (thanks to my sister for giving me the “travel bug” when I was still in high-school).  I also enjoy volunteering and giving back to the community in various ways. In March of 2017 I am very excited that I will get to combine these loves as part of IBM’s Corporate Service Corps program on the “Chile 8” team.  A great chance to use my work skills to help a community.

Arica is Chile’s northernmost city with about 200,000 people.  It sounds like a vibrant bustling port with lots of opportunities to view the local natural beauty.  Arica is also known as the driest inhabited place on Earth, with the average annual precipitation is less than 1 mm.

Here I will share some of my experiences. Sharing about: the program, the food, and the my adventures as I experience some of the Chilean culture.